Led Zep – Signposts To Heaven

Led Zeppelin poster

There are a few lovely old heavy iron street signs left in the town and I shot all the ones I could find with my canon.  Then I did some manipulation to create this rock tribute to one of my still favourite bands… I can create these to order – contact me to get your signs of the times….



share thisToday I am showing some share buttons I designed. Fun to do and fun to share…
mucha share button




Wedding monogramI created this monogram for my friends son and his intended who recently tied the knot. I was pleased with the result so have added another string to my bow…  It has the initial letters of surname and each of their first names entwined together.  I then gave it a suitably wedding themed cream background with a rose embedded and as a final embellishement, overlaid their names on the background. If you would like me to do one for you or someone you know,  please contact me using the “talk to me” box you should see floating somewhere over to the left….:-)



boat and big waves on driftwoodThinking of creating a series of images on a theme of the sea. This is one such which has some stylised waves and a lovely barge on a driftwood plank background.


No Bird Brains…

Took lots of chicken images whilst staying with friends last weekend. Fascinating creatures and contrary to the “birdbrain” image, they proved to be wily and smart! Created this from some of the images. Chickens were named Chardonnay, Shiraz and Rosie…


Looking Through…


An old Napoleonic fort on Brean Down peninsula weathered and roofless. Lovely red bricks and a long view through the building. Fish eye lens makes it wide as well as long and sphere affect to add a 3d effect. Posterization was used to emphasize and simplify colours.